The Firm

De la Peña & Bethencourt is a Spanish law boutique specialised in commercial, corporate, finance, real-estate and tax legal matters and capable of assisting and adding value to our national and international clients in both domestic and cross-border works and/or transactions.
Where do we come from?


De la Peña & Bethencourt derives from C. de la Peña Asesores, S.L., a firm with over 20 years of experience in the Spanish legal market which was originally founded by Carlos de la Peña Huertas, a State Tax & Customs Inspector on leave of absence and a regular lecturer on Tax law on the prestigious Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF), and by María Adela Bethencourt de la Escalera. 



The Firm is led by Adela de la Peña and Juan Manuel Bethencourt, both lawyers with over 10 years of experience, among others, in first tier law firms, providing legal advice to both national and international listed and non-listed companies, banks, funds or wealth families.

Vision and strategy


The three pillars on which De la Peña & Bethencourt’s strategy is based on are the satisfaction of the client, the support and care of our team and the continuous pursuit of excellence. We are a sophisticated trusted advisor focused on providing value and high-end advice to our clients through a rigorous, creative, humble, honest and friendly approach, maintaining a professional and healthy work environment.